I tried Tasting Room, here’s what happened.

Have you guys seen the Tasting Room ads on Pinterest? “The Netflix for Wine,” I’ll admit it’s a bit gimmicky but it was enough to spark my interest. I am a wine lover and I especially love when I find a high-quality bottle under $20 #frugalwinesnob.

I love trying new wines but as a busy working mom finding the time tow to stop by a wine and spirit store when I don’t have kids in tow is difficult.
The Tasting Room isn’t the first wine club on the internet, but it’s the first one I’ve noticed to target millennials in their marketing. I have been throwing the idea of joining a wine club for a while now, mostly because nothing beats booze delivered to your doorstep. Have you ever tried to juggle a wiggling toddler and a bottle of Beaujolais Nouveau at a wine and spirits shop while the lady behind you is rolling her eyes and judging your life? Continue reading “I tried Tasting Room, here’s what happened.”