I tried Tasting Room, here’s what happened.

I tried Tasting Room, here’s what happened.

Have you guys seen the Tasting Room ads on Pinterest? “The Netflix for Wine,” I’ll admit it’s a bit gimmicky but it was enough to spark my interest. I am a wine lover and I especially love when I find a high-quality bottle under $20 #frugalwinesnob.

I love trying new wines but as a busy working mom finding the time tow to stop by a wine and spirit store when I don’t have kids in tow is difficult.
The Tasting Room isn’t the first wine club on the internet, but it’s the first one I’ve noticed to target millennials in their marketing. I have been throwing the idea of joining a wine club for a while now, mostly because nothing beats booze delivered to your doorstep. Have you ever tried to juggle a wiggling toddler and a bottle of Beaujolais Nouveau at a wine and spirits shop while the lady behind you is rolling her eyes and judging your life?


This has to be delivered somewhere where a person 21 yrs of age or older can sign for it, otherwise back to a ups facility across town it goes. I had some trouble getting my tasting package and ups were less than accommodating.
Tasting Room will ship this package to your job if you ask them to which is a huge help for those of us with logistical issues. If you can’t get packages at your job ask grandma to sign for it, you know you should visit more anyway 😉
When you get your package, you’ll be asked to log onto the TR Website to taste and compare your wine samples. I recommend using your phone and doing this slowly. I wanted to be official about this, so I did my tasting at my desk, power chugging competition style while eagerly trying to get to the next wine. I was way too excited, and it felt a bit rushed. What I should have done is chilled on the couch and sipped through the tiny treasure chest slowly, swirling each sip in my mouth, aerating and savoring each.

Typically I favor white wine, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Sancerre, Chenin Blanc, Albariño and Verdejo are my favorite. The whites an Oaked South Eastern Australia Chardonnay and an Albariño Rías Baixas from in the tasting sample were a bit disappointing the reds, however, were spot on. I loved 3/4.
The light body Pinot noir was oaked, earthy with a bit of tobacco on the finish. Rich and complex wine, perfect for pairing with medium rare steak or a roasted chicken yet light bodied enough to stand alone as a session wine. I can definitely enjoy a few glasses while binging my favorite Netflix shows with this gem.
The Merlot was medium bodied as one would expect with a ripe strawberry flavor that was overwhelming and unpleasant.
The Cote du Rhône was the real winner of the evening, but I do admit I am a bit partial to that particular combination of grapes. Grenache, Syrah and Mourvèdre, the quintessential grapes of Rhône are some of my favorites.

Yes, I am drinking wine from a snifter.
The last selection was a 2016 Le Flaneur Pays d’Oc Cabernet Sauvignon. A bright, juicy, fruit-forward French Cabernet that left my mouth watering for more.
I don’t typically enjoy Cabernet. In fact, I almost never drink it, but this one blew me away.
After, I completed my tasting I received my free profile which was mostly accurate. I didn’t expect anything perfect since I mainly liked all the reds except the Merlot because if anyone orders the F#%£*#% Merlot I’m leaving(Sideways Reference).
TRUE: I prefer, Bright fruit forward reds.
FALSE: I favor new world.
FALSE: I don’t like oak.
French and Spanish wines are some of my favorites, and I love a little oak as long as it’s not too heavy on the tannins.
You have the option of ordering a half case at $70/6 bottles or a full case at $150/12 (shipping and tax not included). The frequency of shipments is also up to you; you can skip or cancel a delivery anytime. My next half case shipment will cost about $13 a bottle (with tax) which is my usual wine budget as a #frugalwinesnob.

This Tasting Package was only round one and three out of the six wines I tried blew me away.
I can honestly say I can’t wait to get my next shipment.


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